Purposeful Practise & Ownership

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Feb 27, 2020 5:39:02 PM
  1. Tennis Diary
    1. At the commencement of the session to establish, reset or remember major goals
    2. Enter new information during the session.
    3. Before the end of the session to evaluate those areas, which need additional practise
    4. Consult your diary each time you take a drink to ensure you haven't forgotten your goals for that session and are on track to achieve the outcomes you wished for with your improvement."

  2. Hit Up
    1. Ask hitting partner to hit more balls to the area you wish to work on. (Return of Serve, Groundstroke)
    2. Hit your first ball with something you wish to improve on (Serve, groundstroke including movement).
    3. Initial hit up to include
    4. Forward-split-forward- recover / Forward-split-hold-recover/ Forward-Split-Back-recover.
    5. Balance and Composure- Hitting the ball slow into the service box.

  3. Lesson
    1. No outs-chase every ball-only out of reach.
    2. 25 seconds between points- manage heart rate levels and basic evaluation.
    3. 90 seconds after odd games (Past-How did point commence and finish/ Present-How am I feeling/ Future - What will I keep and what will I change)

  4. Random Variable NOT Blocked Learning:
    1. Example: If the lesson is a 90minute squad (4 x 15minutes on key goals + 3 x 5 minutes on other areas)
    2. Example: If the lesson is a 45minute private (3 x 10 minute on key goals + 2 x 5minutes on other areas)

  5. Fix Todays Problems Today- Tomorrow Doesn't Exist:
    1. Leave time before the end of the session to evaluate what has worked and what hasn't.
    2. Ask you hit with your partner try to hit balls to the areas you have identified.
    3. Your thinking between lessons is "Where to next not I will work on this next lesson." Before you come to your next lesson consult your diary and add those things you wish to work on next.

Diaries are used within all of LifeTime Tennis programs in starting at Pro Development and through to Pro Tennis Squads.

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