The LifeTime Tennis Team: Jack Moore

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May 14, 2021 9:38:41 AM

Jack Moore is LifeTime's newest senior coach. Growing up on the Sunshine Coast,  Jack trained under Clint Fyfe before moving to Brisbane to continue his studies. With a dual degree in finance and sports physiology, Jack is the perfect example of managing full-time study commitments with high level tennis. Jack has been an amazing addition to the LifeTime coaching team, adding years of coaching and playing experience. 

1. Can you give us a brief run down on your playing career?
I grew up playing and training on the Sunshine Coast at TFP Academy and then at Sunshine Coast Grammar School throughout High School. I played junior tournaments locally and interstate, gaining a high enough ranking to make QLD teams for under 12’s and 14’s at the December Showdown in Melbourne. I then went on to play AMT’s around Australia before stopping to commence university.

2. What attracted you to coaching?

I enjoy coaching for the same reason as many; to be able to help young players excel, improve and enjoy the game as they get older. To see improvement in players I work with gives me huge satisfaction.

3. You've coached at a couple different places in the past, what sets LifeTime apart?

The culture. Not only does Lifetime have a lot of quality people and players, but it holds a strong club culture within a training environment, and also away at tournaments. This is probably one of the most important traits to have as a tennis club.

4. Favourite tennis memory?

At a session at Kawana whilst training at TFP Academy, myself and other players within our squad were surprised by Pat Rafter, who ended up joining us for the session. Any tournament trip away was also a highlight for me. Travelling and playing provides great memories where ever you go.

5. Greatest piece of tennis advice you've received?

Win the last point of the match. And also to play within yourself – try to draw your focus away from the result of the match and focus on what elements of your game you can control.

6. What advice would you give a 16 year-old you?

Work hard but also enjoy the ride. Find enjoyment within training, competing and travelling. Also find other passions and hobbies you can unwind with away from tennis!

7. What are some of your interests outside of tennis?

At the moment I love recording podcasts, sport in particular. I currently record a sports podcast called @chewinthebat. I’m also quite musical – I like to dabble on the guitar and piano at times. I’m also a huge fan of travelling, camping and pure adventure. Keen as to get overseas post COVID!

Stay tuned for more on Jack and the latest additions to our coaching staff!
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