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Covid Update

by Graeme Brimblecombe, on Mar 25, 2020 6:11:12 PM

Updated 01 April 2021

Brisbane Lock Down Ending from 12pm on 01/04/21:

12pm onwards Thu 1 April Tennis Activity can return to normal.
Read stage 3 guidelines here

  • Tennis Court Hire - Normal - Doubles & Singles Available
  • Private Lessons - Available
  • Hitting Sessions - Available
  • No outside coaching or paid hitting sessions allowed.

    Important players MUST follow the below:
  • Masks must be carried with people when leaving home and worn outdoors when physical distancing can not be followed.
  • No outside coaching or paid hitting sessions allowed
  • Please list all players when booking to help tracing
  • MUST Scan QR Code on Tennis Court Fences
  • Use Hand Sanitiser and Practice Social Distancing


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