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Jun 21, 2021 10:54:57 AM

It’s a pleasure to announce LifeTime academy players Ethan Connelly and Helena Guan have been selected to the 13/u Queensland team to compete at KDV from 25th to 29th of June. With Helena and Ethan being renowned for their work ethic, these selections will come as no surprise to the LifeTime community.

Having previously managed the Sproules Stephens Cup (13/u boys’ event), Coach Graeme Brimblecombe believes Ethan and Helena are only just getting started.

Check out what Ethan, Helena and the LifeTime coaching staff have to say about this great achievement! Here's what Ethan, Helena, and Coaches Jack Moore and Graeme Brimblecombe have to say:

Ethan Connelly⭐️:

What does this selection mean to you, to be representing QLD.

It is very special to me as I have always wanted to represent my state in a national competition. Now, to be able to do this in a team environment, it is an amazing opportunity for me. Were you expecting to be selected in the team? Honestly, I wasn’t expecting to be in this team at all. What will your preparation look like leading into this event? I will certainly continue to do my training sessions as normal at LifeTime, though will be sure to continue to train outside the club (on the weekends etc.). I will also be trying to keep my body in the shape I require by doing lots of physical work and stretching.

What are your goals for the next 12 months moving forward?

In the next 12 months, my main goals are going to be trying to get some good results at higher level tournaments, and trying to improve my UTR, in order to help myself in the future (by making the main draw for tournaments, and improving my seeding at higher level events).

Have you played much team tennis before? What are your thoughts on it?

In the past, I have been lucky enough to participate in plenty of team environment tennis. This has included playing for LifeTime in a team, against other clubs, playing team tournaments such as the Teams Carnival in 2020, and 2021, and even playing in a team for school tennis. I have always loved playing team tennis as I believe that when you are playing for a team, you are for sure going to give your absolute best in order to try and contribute to your team’s success. I am very much looking forward to the 2021 National Teams Championships. Go Team Queensland!

⭐️Helena Guan⭐️:

What does this selection mean to you, to be representing QLD?

To be able to represent QLD is a great opportunity and privilege. It will be something I will never forget and always remember.

Were you expecting to be selected in the team?

Kind of, I knew I had a chance of making the team but I didn't know for sure.

How will you be preparing for this event?

I will keep on training and work on the things that need improving so I’ll be able to play my best at the event.

What are your goals for the next 12 month moving forward?

My goal is to work hard to get an opportunity to play in more team or national events and achieve my best result.

Have you played much team tennis before? What are your thoughts on it

I have played many team events before, and I think that tennis is usually a solo sport and that it’s a great opportunity to play tennis in a team. Playing in a team you are able to build strong relationships with other people that will last a lifetime and it teaches you how to work as a team.

Jack Moore:

What is Ethan’s training like?

Ethan’s training never lacks commitment and focus. He is extremely passionate about his development in the sport and his attitude in every session shows this. One thing I admire and appreciate as a coach is that Ethan never needs to be reminded to maintain or increase his intensity during each session; it always is 100%.

What type of person is Ethan?

On the tennis court, Ethan is ruthless with his aggression nd intensity, but off the court, he is quite the opposite. He is extremely polite, humble and open to having a conversation with anyone around him. Ethan has an admirable willingness to help and encourage his mates around him when on court training, which further highlights his humble and kind nature.

What does this team selection mean for him?

Being selected in the Queensland team is a huge achievement and I'm sure Ethan is definitely not taking this selection for granted. However, his selection definitely is not due to luck. He has proven to himself that with hard work, determination and persistence, anything is possible; whether that be QLD state team selection or tournament results in the future.

Did you expect this selection for Ethan?

Nothing in tennis should be expected, but I do know the hours of commitment Ethan has dedicated to his craft, so in that, I am extremely excited for him but I am definitely not surprised by his selection. Hard work pays off!!

Graeme Brimblecombe:

What is Helena's training like?

A large part of Helena’s improvement this year can be attributed to her improvement in her intensity and her effort in her training sessions. She is placing a premium on her movement and recovery. She is also more committed to making change to her technic enabling her to have more tactical options.

What type of person is Helena?

How I would describe Helena as a person is she quiet and kind. She is popular and like most girls wants to be a part of a group or team. She is a hard worker and has a high degree of resilience. I’d like to see her get a little more gritty in the way she plays at times but all in all she has a number of the required personal qualities to play the game at a high level.

What does this team selection mean for her?

This gives Helena an opportunity to play in the highest level of Junior team competition in Australia. It means she will be around the best in her age group in Australia both on her team and as team opposition

Did you expect this selection for Helena?

In Helena’s case her results in the first half of the year indicate that she has earned the right to represent Queensland. Also Helena is an excellent doubles player so will bring some needed doubles expertise to the team.

Stay tuned for more news on our maroon superstars!

Ethan and Helena


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