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Summer Tournament Results 2020/21

by Xavier Lim, on Jan 21, 2021 9:56:49 AM

After many months away from the Australian Ranking tournament scene, LifeTime players have recorded exceptional results throughout January. From the perspective of the coaching staff, they’ve been inspired seeing the player’s hard work pay off. With results like this being seen in early January, 2021 is shaping up to be a very promising year on the tournament court.

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🏆Elite Tennis International Silver JT🏆
Chadd Dunn 12/u Boys Doubles Winner

Helena Guan 14/u Girls Singles Winner
Ben Waugh 16/u Boys Winner
Ben Waugh 16/u Boys Doubles Winner

🏆2021 Nudgee Junior Age Championships🏆
Noah Quinlan 12/u Boys Winner
Alex Anderson 12/u Boys Runner up
Alex Anderson w/ Noah Quinlan 12/u Boys Doubles Winners
Liza Maskaya 14/u Girls Singles Winner
Elise Wiley 14/u Girls Singles Runner up
Liza Maskaya/ Elise Wiley 14/u Girls Doubles Winners
Blaise Allan/ John Turner 14/u Doubles Winners
John Turner/ Blaise Allan 14/u Doubles Winners

🏆2021 Morningside Junior Age🏆
Alex Anderson w/ Noah Quinlan 12/u Boys Doubles Winners
Noah Quinlan w/ Alex Anderson 12/u Boys Doubles Winners
Helena Guan 14/u Girls Singles Winner
Helena Guan 14/u Girls Doubles Winner

🏆2021 Milton Open🏆
Tim Willians AMT Doubles finalist

🏆2021 Beenleigh Junior Championships🏆
Alex Anderson 12/u Singles Runner Up
Alex Anderson 12/u Doubles Winner
Catilan Bourke 12/u Doubles Runner Up
Ethan Connelly 14/u Singles Winner
Helena Guan 14/u Singles Winner
Leaane Abouhamad 14/u Singles Runner Up
Ethan Connelly 14/u Doubles Runner Up
Helena Guan 14/u Doubles Winner
Lucy Quinlan 14/u Doubles Winner
Leanne Abouhamad 14/u Doubles Runner Up
Danielle Badman 16/u Singles Winner
Danielle Badman 16/u Doubles Winner

🏆2021 Metropolitan Regional Assembly Teams Competition🏆
It was great to see so many players take the court for 2021s first team event of the year. With an emphasis on team spirit and environment being placed on the event, the way players took up those challenges and made it into a team event, not just another tennis tournament was special. The support for their teammates, giving each tips between matches and competed was an incredible sight that you can't find at regular tournaments. With over 40 LifeTime players competing in the event, it is without a doubt their play and conduct was exceptional. Another challenge that players faced was the high volume of tennis in a short period. Although it was tough, everyone rose up to the challenge and performed to a high level. Well done to everyone who competed! 

Stay tuned for more results over the summer of 2020/21 from our players!

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