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Countdown to Christmas Tournament Tour

by Graeme Brimblecombe, on Nov 12, 2020 5:58:18 PM

Wanting a unique tennis experience with lots of quality and competitive matches? The "Countdown to Christmas Tournament Tour" is for you.

LifeTime Tennis in partnership with KDV Sport and Tennis and Gear are hosting 9 days of back to back UTR events. Players will be grouped into tiers / standards based on their UTR.

Three seperate events will be held back to back over the 10 - 18 December. Players will have an opportunity to compete at all three venues over the 9 days of events.

Great prizes, UTR Verified events and professionally managed tournaments.

Ranking Band Tournament

Important Information for the Countdown 2 Christmas Tournament Tour

The Tournament Tour has nine days of tournament tennis.  This comprises of 3 events of 3 days for players of different playing standards.  Players will be divided into tiers depending on UTR ratings.

All players will be scheduled to play seven matches in each tournament.  It is not an option to play in the singles event only.  The tournament tour believes in player and skill development and players are expected to compete in both draws should they enter the tournament.

All singles draws will be made of a 16 player compass draw.  This will mean all players are guaranteed four quality matches at their level of play.  More info on a compass draw can be found here. 

The aim of this tournament tour is to have a large number of quality matches over a short period of time.

Each player will be able to complete his/her singles matches in a morning session or an afternoon session.  Doubles matches will be played back to back.  

Day 1:  2 x singles matches (start of the 16 player compass draw)
Day 2:  3 x doubles matches (complete an 8 team compass tournament)
Day 3: 2 x singles matches (the completion of the singles compass draw)

All players are welcome to play in one or two, or all three of the tournaments.  You will not be expected to play all three tournaments equalling nine days unless you would like to.  

We are excited to be have the following UTR events:

Tournament: 2020 Countdown to Christmas 
Dates: for events at Ambiwerra Tennis Centre

Ambiwerra Tennis Centre
Dates Tier Band UTR Ranking Register
10, 11, 12 Dec Tier 3 0 - 4.5 Click Here
13, 14, 15 Dec Tier 2 4.6 - 8 Click Here
16, 17, 18 Dec Tier 1 8.01 - 15 Click Here





Nudgee Tennis Centre
Dates Tier Band UTR Ranking Register
10, 11, 12 Dec Tier 2 4.6 - 8 Click Here
13, 14, 15 Dec Tier 1 8.01 - 15 Click Here
16, 17, 18 Dec Tier 3 0 - 4.5 Click Here





KDV Tennis Centre
Dates Tier Band UTR Ranking Register
10, 11, 12 Dec Tier 1 8.01 - 15 Click Here
13, 14, 15 Dec Tier 3 0 - 4.5 Click Here
16, 17, 18 Dec Tier 2 4.6 - 8 Click Here





Tournament Link:
Tournament Director: Graeme Brimblecombe
Tournament Referee: Jason Antoniolli
Format: . This tournament is using compass draws.  More info on compass draws here

  • All draws will have 16 players playing off for a final position.  
  • All matches will be best of 3 sets with a Super Tiebreak for the third set.
  • All matches will be long then short deuce
  • All players will be expected to play all 7 scheduled matches to complete their tournament
  • Day 1:  2 singles matches
  • Day 2: 3 doubles matches
  • Day 3 : 2 singles matches
  • All players will be required to play singles and doubles

Balls: Dunlop AO ball.  3 new balls given for every match
Draws: Are available here.  Insert link.   
Surface: Hard Court  

About the venue: Ambiwerra Tennis Centre is located in St Aidans Sports Ground, Corner of Erinvale St and Rolfe St, Corinda, QLD, 4075
Put 42 Erinvale Street in your navigation.

Cafe and Food - Available on site with a range of food choices, snacks, drinks and coffee
Restringing - Available on-site. $25.00 with own string.  Range of strings available on site

 This tournament tour is delivered to you by some of Australia's best tennis providers.  KDV Sport, Lifetime Tennis and TennisGear.  

 We look forward to seeing you on court for a great event.  We hope you enjoy the tournament and  7 high quality matches! 

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